Since 2006, Voices for Justice has been an important national event helping to raise political awareness of global poverty and equip Christians to become lifelong advocates for the poor.

Each year our Voices for Justice National Gathering in Canberra has offered participants a unique experience of worship, workshops, training and political engagement. It's a rare opportunity to gather with Christians from all parts of the country, grow deeper in understanding God's heart for justice, be informed on critical issues of global poverty and put faith into action by representing the world's poorest people in Parliament.

This year, in addition to our annual Voices for Justice National Gathering in Canberra, we are hosting Voices for Justice events in Queensland and South Australia to equip more Christians across the country for advocacy and strengthen our engagement with more Federal MPs.

Our “lucky country” is now the least generous we’ve ever been and we share a region with some of the world’s poorest communities who are also suffering the impacts of a changing climate. Now is a critical time for us to make a powerful and collective call for Australia to be a good global neighbour. 

At a time when a new Parliament has just formed and decisions are being made for next year's Federal Budget we have a great opportunity to gather together with like-minded Christians from Queensland and make our voices heard by our political leaders. 

We hope you can join us in Brisbane this year.

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