Stevie Wills, a long-time Micah advocate, premiered her powerful new Australian Aid poem at Voices for Justice earlier this month. We thank her and CBM for permission to publish her poem here.

between the notion of generosity
and the allocation of equity
to the foreign aid budget

if doubled
even tripled
it would remain less than one percent
of gross national income.

Promises alongside the United Nations
from our fair share
to give a fair go.

A fair go
is a hand up
over a hand out

over charity

it’s immunisation
of death by preventable causes

of sewage
from drinking, washing water

and skilled attendants
at the births of sons and daughters

souls expanding their borders

of capabilities

Australia, we could give our fair share
allocate still more yet
leave the lions share
around ninety-nine percent
to look after our own.

Does that not negate
the need to designate
who’s first looked after?
Enabled to look after
our own and others

So let us speak up for fair
speak out for right.

Let compassion prevail over fear
hope transcend despair
generosity triumph over insecurity
love conquer apathy.

Let us look not only to our own interests
but also to the interests of others.

Let us speak justice into being
speaking voices of justice.


Stevie Wills is a performance poet and community education officer with CBM Australia

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