The world's poorest and most vulnerable communities – particularly in our region – are suffering the harmful impacts of climate change.

Yet Australia – one of the wealthiest nations – is not doing anywhere near enough to reduce our emissions. We are delaying the urgent action needed to shift our energy and transport systems to 100% renewable sources.

We are not providing enough support to help our vulnerable neighbours prepare for and adapt to increasingly severe climate change impacts. 

It's clear what Australia needs to do. Our Federal and State Governments should help Australians manage the risks of a changing climate, seize the opportunities of the global energy revolution, and support our neighbours as they adapt to the harmful effects of climate change.

Raising a powerful voice


To call on Australia to act more urgently for climate justice, we are launching a Community Climate Petition which we aim to make the largest coordinated multi-electorate petition in Australia's history.

In 2017 we will work with churches, schools, campus & community groups to raise 150 community climate petitions (one in every electorate across the country) and present them to politicians and in Parliament.

It will be presented at a time when the Government is reviewing its own climate change policies and also considering adopting stronger targets to take to the United Nations international climate conference in 2018.

But to do this, we need your help. Generating this powerful voice for change, will require the involvement and action of everyday advocates in churches, schools, community groups, workplaces and, well, everywhere to gather signatures and organise handover meetings so that our politicians hear our voices.

How do I get involved?

1) Download the Community Climate Petition Guide (we'll send a version of the petition customised for your electorate after you register)

2) Please email to register your interest in gathering signatures in your electorate and to receive more information.

3) Got questions? Check out our FAQs

Please note that we will gathering signatures until 7th August 2017. 

Get Involved

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