Recently, the major political parties have been talking a lot about tax avoidance in response to significant media attention and community pressure.

Some action is being taken to discourage large corporations from avoiding tax, but more needs to be done.

Will you encourage your local MP to keep speaking up about the issue and help overcome poverty?

More than $1 trillion each year is robbed from developing countries through tax dodging, corruption and money-laundering. The IMF recent estimates found that $200 billion in potential revenue is stripped from developing nations and the world’s poorest communities by tax avoidance alone. We can help stem this tide and ensure that the poorest nations have the finances and tax revenues they need to fight poverty.

If politicians don’t hear from passionate people in their electorate when they do speak up, it’s easy for them to give up, get cynical, or assume their electorate doesn’t care about tax avoidance and Australian aid.

Email your local MP today with an encouragement to keep tackling tax avoidance.

After sending an email to your local MP you can invite your friends to do the same on twitter or facebook by clicking the buttons below.

Thank you for speaking with and for the world's poorest people and communities.


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