Twelve of Australia's Christian leaders wrote to the foreign minister. What happened next...

What happens next is up to us!

Australian Christian leaders are calling for a foreign policy that "loves our neighbours as ourselves." One that tackles the big challenges of poverty, inequality, conflict and climate change. 

Will you add your voice to theirs?

Right now, the Government is developing a foreign policy plan for the next decade. Micah Australia, working with our sister campaign, the Campaign for Australian Aid, have already helped to gather over 9,000 submissions to the Department of Foreign Affairs letting the bureaucrats know we want Australian foreign policy to "love our neighbours as ourselves". Now it's time to let the politicians know as well!

At this critical time, Australia's Christians must speak out for a more just and generous nation. We want to be a nation that acts as a good neighbour in a region where too many are still forced to live in poverty and vulnerability. A nation that increases aid to help our poorest neighbours tackle poverty, instead of cutting it. A nation that stands with vulnerable communities as they face up to rising seas and a disrupted climate, instead of denying we have a problem. A nation that ensures the wealthiest companies pay their fair share to ensure that all can have enough. A nation that welcomes people rather than excluding them.

If that's the nation you want to be, you can download the church leaders' letter here (or view at the bottom of the page).

Let's speak up for a more just and generous nation so that just as we receive God's blessings so we might share them abundantly as a blessing to others. 




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Dear Foreign Minister,

Australia is a wealthy nation located in a region with great poverty and vulnerability. We share Pacific Ocean boundaries with small island states of the Pacific and developing countries of Asia and we share Indian Ocean boundaries with nations of South and Western Asia and Africa. The vast majority of the world’s poorest people are our neighbours in this wider region.

This terrible poverty robs people of dignity and security, it silences their voices, stifles their freedom and potential and tragically cuts short too many lives.

As you develop Australia's Foreign Policy White Paper, please consider the rights and interests of our poorest neighbours. Rebuild our aid program from its lowest ever level to help all people live secure, healthy, dignified and peaceful lives. Position Australia to be a just and generous neighbour and a leader in international efforts to fight poverty and tackle global challenges of inequality, conflict and climate change.


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