A Beautiful World by Scott Higgins

We live in an era in which human beings are profoundly affecting the Earth, our common home. The climate is changing, wild animal populations are being decimated, deforestation and pollution blight our forests and seas, and the oceans are acidifying.  

This short book and accompanying bible study guide outlines why (and how) Christians should care about these interconnected issues of environmental and social justice. 

A Beautiful World, by Scott Higgins, offers a much needed corrective to layers of theological tradition that disconnect us from God’s deep love and commitment to all of creation. It is ideal for informing a four week sermon series, running a small group bible study, or simply for your own reflection.


"Scott Higgins is one of Australia’s leading Christian thinkers on matters of social justice and public faith. These engaging and accessible studies remind us of God’s grace in creation. They pull no punches when it comes to outlining the deep scars we are inflicting on God’s creation. Ultimately, though, they are an inspiring, practical and hope-filled call to prayerful action to love God and honour His creation and to love our global neighbours in a warming world."

Ben Thurley – Micah Australia National Coordinator


About the author: Scott Higgins is an ordained Baptist pastor from Newcastle, Australia, widely read blogger, and founding director of A Just Cause.


A Beautiful World is available now in the Micah Shop for $9.99



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