• 10.10.10 changed our campus!

    Posted by Micah

    26 October, 2010

    10.10.10 Reflections from Ethan Dean, Cornerstone University, USA

    10.10.10. Until this date, this incredible event did not mean much to me. Not until I saw the impact that it had not only on the world, but specifically at Cornerstone University.

    I say specifically at Cornerstone because what happened on this campus was revolutionary. Hearts were challenged and as a result, hand prints were traced. The week of this Micah Challenge event, Cornerstone was holding a Global Opportunities week. We have mission trips offered to students, multiple campus organizations speaking out on social issues, missionary organizations informing us on unique opportunities. This year we had a unique speaker tell her story of surviving HIV. She at the end of her message promoted Micah Challenge and called roughly 730 people to trace their hands. 730 people!! I was asked by Dana Doll, the West Michigan Micah Challenge representative, to help collect the handprints. Having hundreds of them in my hands I snuck a few peeks at the promises being made. People promised money, time, and effort to bring justice to this world. Beautiful.

    I'm going to be honest. I cried after I realized how ignorant I've been about EVERYTHING concerning the Millennium Development Goals. I'm not the only crying soul on campus either. Because of the recent events here, I've run into tons of fellow students that have been torn into pieces because of the lack of progress in this world's issues. Cornerstone students knew that I am involved with a justice group on campus and have decided to join. The university's cabinet members attended the chapel in which the hand prints were traced. Our school is unified as one hand, one hand to help bring change. One hand among thousands of other hands to change the world. One hand reaching toward goals that are so attainable. We are one hand being raised, joining millions of hands globally showing a desire to see justice in a world of injustice. I'm so excited to be a part of the movement that will change the course of global history.


    This article first appeared on Micah Challenge USA's blog.