• A new lens for Lent

    Posted by Joel

    17 April, 2014

    One of the remaining redeeming features of Easter is the fact that relatively speaking, unlike Christmas, it has not been over-commercialised. But it's still plagued by ignorance so that in many communities in our increasingly diverse and secularised cultures, the Passion story remains unknown. 

    Lots of people are totally unable to recognise some of the historic facts associated with the story. There are thousands of people in so-called Christian countries who don't know who Pilate is. It wouldn't surprise me if there were people out there who think that Easter is some kind of story about giant eggs. 

    The greater ignorance is the total lack of awareness that the Easter event 2,000 years ago was God's best expression of his love for the world expressed in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and that forgiveness, healing and wholeness remain at the heart of the story. 

    So we must never undervalue the importance of this Lenten season which leads us to the way of the Cross and which cuts a path through the cynicism and hopelessness of human sin and sinfulness. Lent is a reminder that we are in the slipstream of God's greatest work on earth. 

    But neither should we forget that this really was an exhaustive work of redemption, shalom and immense grace.   

    Dietrich Bonheoffer reminded us this was not cheap grace. It’s a grace that plunges into the realities in our world. It’s what Bonheoffer called the 'worldliness' of our Christian faith. It means that the story of redemption is never complete without reference to the worldliness that was happening all around the foot of the cross. 

    The EXPOSED campaign has offered an important insight into this world by offering new lens through which we might reflect on the Easter events - and indeed what the Bible says about these issues for us today.

    Thirty Pieces of Silver published by Bible Society together with the EXPOSED Campaign, was written by Bible Society’s resident theologian, Dr Paula Gooder, and aims to give us all a fresh look at Easter. It offers a new lens for Lent. Take a look.


    Joel Edwards is the Director of Micah Challenge International.

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