• Achieving MDG7 saves lives!

    Posted by Tabitha

    30 May, 2011

    We live in a country where we take it for granted that we have clean drinking water in our taps, toilets that work and food on our tables - life's most simple necessities, right? But for people in poor countries, who rely heavily on their local environment and ecosystems, environmental instability means access to these basic needs is not guaranteed.

    This Sunday is 'World Environment Day' - a good chance to reflect on Millennium Development Goal 7, which seeks to ensure environmental sustainability for the world's poor, and aims to assist the poor to cope with environmental degradation and a changing climate. MDG7 also includes targets to help improve water and sanitation in poor communities.

    Here at Micah Challenge, we believe that EVERY PERSON should be able to enjoy God's provision through creation. The reality of our 'global village' is that we really do 'Share the Earth' with our brothers and sisters around the world. The decisions we Aussies make about how we use the earth can have a positive or negative impact on the world's poorest people.

    For me personally, meeting the Pacific leaders who joined us at Voices for Justice 2009 was a major turning point in my thinking about this stuff; Hearing first hand the stories of REAL PEOPLE who are already suffering the effects of climate change and environmental degradation really drove it home that this is an issue of JUSTICE! Achieving MDG7 saves lives.

    It's a bit hard to hear, but here's a little video message from one of the Pacific leaders, Iskandar, who attended the conference:

    Since meeting our Pacific friends, we've been been thinking a lot about this issue in our office and during our Campaign Strategy Group meetings. We recently launched a new MDG7 campaign called 'Share the Earth', which aims to help Christians take action on this issue, and we'd love you to get involved!

    If you ran a 'Survive Past Five' 5th Birthday party or signed a card, then 'Share the Earth' is an important next step in helping your group grow in their understanding about the MDGs and how they interrelate. MDG7 is closely linked to child health (MDG4), because kids need access to clean water, effective sanitation systems and nutritious food in order to survive past their 5th birthdays. For example, approximately 25% of the 8.1 million child deaths each year could be avoided by sanitation interventions alone - That's 2million kids whose lives could be saved!

    Will you join us to campaign for 'Share the Earth: MDG7' by signing a 'Recipe Card for MD7 success' to Prime Minister Gillard or running a 'Share the Table' campaign event? Everything you need to know is available on our website. Check it out: www.micahchallenge.org.au/share-the-earth

    Tabitha is the Micah Challenge Communications Coordinator.