• Australian Business Leaders: Keep Foreign Aid Promise

    Posted by Micah

    6 May, 2013

    Over 35 senior Australian business leaders are calling on the government to keep its promises on foreign aid in an open letter published by the Australian Financial Review today.

    Signatories to the letter (see below) include business leaders from Qantas, Macquarie Bank, PwC, IKEA and the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

    One of those behind the initiative is Simon McKeon, the executive chairman of Macquarie Group and a former Australian of the year.

    In his interview with ABC News, he said:

    “We are in a region where essentially all of our near neighbours are developing countries. And certainly from the business world we appreciate as much as anyone how important it is to have a good and prosperous region…What this group of business people is saying today is that foreign aid is important.” 

    Click here to join with these business leaders and make your voice heard by the Prime Minister and Treasurer in the lead up to the federal budget.