• Beyond 10.10.10 - Reflections from Lausanne

    Posted by Joel

    21 October, 2010

    Micah Challenge's International Director Joel Edwards reflects on the 10.10.10 campaign

    Some ten days after 10.10.10 I am still reflecting on what God enabled us to do. And perhaps there's no better place to be doing this than in the middle of Lausanne III here in Cape Town with 4,200 delegates from all over the world.

    What has amazed and encouraged me has been the level of awareness about the campaign. Just yesterday Ruth Padilla DeBorst told me that the Latin American Theological Fellowship came behind the campaign and that her local church was one of the many across Latin American praying and promising. And just a few days earlier, Nicta Lubaale from the Organisation of African Instituted Churches told me that 2,000 churches in Kenya alone participated from across their network of 1,000 denominations who were being mobilised for 10.10.10. And Geoff Tunnicliffe, secretary general of the World Evangelical Alliance - one of our two parent bodies- told WEA's international leadership that he was excited by the level of feedback from people all over the world.

    And to top it all I was so overwhelmed when 28 of us gathered for a lunch meeting yesterday to reflect on what God had done - the sense of excitement and anticipation was really quite powerful. To have Professor Ron Sider, theologian and social activist over many years with us was a huge bonus.

    So a big 'thank you' to everyone who worked, tried and even cried to push this campaign along.

    But as I think about all that God has done and where we need to go it's really important to remember one thing: 10.10.10 was not a forest fire. It was merely a small encouraging flint stone. We have many miles to go over the next 5 years. So there is only time to take a deep breath, give thanks to God and look towards 2015.

    We have important work to do as we build the capacity of our national campaigns and our international team. We are excited that so many of our campaigns have gone a long way towards focusing on their key MDG promises over the next few 5 years. And we plan to promote our paper Open for Service to make our contribution to the Christian response to good governance. And we are thinking about another gathering of all our coordinators in 2011.

    As we look to the future there is so much to pray for and work towards. And there is one thing which Micah2010 showed us on 10.10.10: if we are to do anything of impact in the future it simply must be God.


    This article first appeared on Joel's Blog, Micah Challenge International