• Day 4 Voices for Justice - Finishing the Race

    Posted by Micah Challenge

    19 September, 2012

    It was a giant toilet last year. This year, a giant puzzle graced the front lawns of Parliament, spelling out: 2015 Halve Poverty. More than 30 politicians attended the media event, adding their jigsaw-shaped photo to the puzzle. It symbolises the team effort and support across the political spectrum, and that all of us have a part to play in finishing off what we started.

    I have to say I am exhausted. It’s been a busy day of lobbying, speaking to politicians and brainstorming ideas for local action. We’ve been hearing many inspiring stories from the various lobby groups and the encouragement from politicians to keep on advocating. Our group met with our local MP, the Hon Daryl Melham MP from Banks. We were pleasantly surprised at his support this year and shared some entertaining moments. He will be making a speech in Parliament on the issue and looks forward to attending a Micah ‘Finish the Race’ event.

    I think it can be easy to become jaded, both amongst politicians and seasoned campaigners. We need to keep our fire for justice ablaze. We need to generate community backing on these issues and together with the leadership of politicians, ensure that aid is a national priority. As we leave another successful Voices for Justice, we are like dispersed embers across the country. We need to continue to set alight our passion amongst our communities and politicians, until it becomes a wild fire that burns so brightly that it is impossible to ignore. It is truly amazing what the day in the life of one Micah Challenge campaigner can achieve.


    Phil Chan is a committed Micah Challenge Campaigner and participant at this year's Voices For Justice and regularly attends St Barnabas Broadway in Sydney.