• Faces Behind Finish the Race: Andrew Miller

    Posted by Micah

    29 April, 2013

    Having been involved with Micah Challenge since 2007, Andrew Miller is a strong supporter of the Finish the Race campaign and a passionate advocate. Here he shares a bit about why he is passionate about seeing the end of poverty, and what Finish the Race means to him in his electorate of Mackellar.

    Why are you passionate about being an advocate for the poor? 
    I am blessed and lucky to live in Australia and feel that I should share that with those who are far less privileged. I find it a tragedy that wealth is so poorly distributed and will do my best to change that disparity by campaigning for change and for justice.

    Why have you committed to be a part of Finish the Race?
    To sign the pledge is to add my voice to hopefully hundreds of thousands of others and to create a loud enough voice so that Australia's politicians play their part in making sure the race has a successful finish, but more importantly to lay the ground work past 2015 for more to be done.

    Other than being a Finish the Race supporter, what else do you do with your time?
    I volunteer at Baptist World Aid Australia and am involved with Sydney Alliance. I attend both Forestville Uniting and H3O Church at Dee Why (you know when you have family working for both have to spread your support!) I love the AFL and netball and coach a couple of teams at my local club Wakehurst. In my spare time I love good TV series like West Wing, News Room and Justified to name a few.

    What will you be doing as part of the Finish the Race campaign?
    I will organize a time at both churches I go to to talk about Finish the Race, take a photo and get more signatories for the petition. I am involved in the working group in the Mackellar electorate, so all that will come from that. I will also provide support for other groups and churches via my volunteer position at Baptist World.

    What aspect of the Finish the Race campaign are you most excited about being involved in?
    To see all the people from my church standing with a Finish the Race Banner so that a photo of that, plus all their signatures, can go to our local member. I can't wait to see what creative idea we can come up with for a signature event in Mackellar and to help it come about. I really want to meet with and help others meet with our politicians so that we can get the government to stick to their promise of 0.5% first and then to put a timeframe to 0.7%.

    What are you hoping the impact of the campaign will be?
    I would love it to be that successful that it puts the need to help the worlds poor and the need to increase our aid budget to 0.7 of GNI as a issue that is known to all voters. And that it becomes something that the current Government of Australia and future governments will have to add to their platforms as a high priority issue.

    What would you say to others who are thinking about becoming involved with Finish the Race?
    To read or watch anything on this issue then ask themselves what they can do. If the first step is signing the Movement to End Poverty Petition then that is a good start and it may have more impact than they realise.  Then they should read some more and see where their heart may lead them.

    What is your favourite bible verse?
    Thanks to Ben Thurley at a Micah training day it is Psalm 82:3 - "Defend the weak and the fatherless; uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed."


    You can find out more about the Finish the Race campaign, see what resources are available and see how you can take action.