• Insurance and the MDGs: Promises, participation

    Posted by Micah

    17 March, 2010

    Promises are a product. I work in insurance claims. I work in the promise business. Insurance products are not like other products. When you buy insurance you don't get to bring home a sexy shiny new gizmo, you bring home a promise. The promise is that if an unexpected, unforeseen sudden loss occurs, it will be covered.

    Politicians work in the promise business too. Politicians make promises to get elected and/or stay in office. In my business we are required by law to keep our promises. If we do not, the courts will make us. But what happens when politicians don't keep their promises?

    That is up to us. We are the court.

    Participation is a popular buzzword in development circles these days. People need to participate in their own development for the development to be truly transformational and effective. I agree. The developed world needs to get participation as well. Participation from churches, citizens, campuses across the global north that holds leaders accountable to their promises.

    This year's campaign aims to do just that. It is a call for Christians across the globe to lend their hand to remind their leaders of the promises they have made. The Millennium Development Goals were not created to be set aside in hopeless despair. They are not a public relations campaign. They were created as a promise to the global poor that we would care. That we would work together: governments, church, NGO's, and business to halve extreme poverty by 2015. Will we keep our promise?


    This article first appeared on Micah Challenge USA's blog