• Kevin Rudd says thanks!

    Posted by Tabitha

    13 May, 2011

    "The wider movement we call Micah Challenge and Make Poverty History has brought aid from the outskirts of the political agenda to centre stage," said Kevin Rudd at this morning's thank you breakfast. He also credited the movement for mobilising wide public support of the Millennium Development Goals and for "etching the issue deeply into the souls of Australians".

    Despite the incredible short notice, more than a hundred passionate aid braved Sydney's record cold snap to turn out this morning for the thank you breaky. The Minister wanted to meet with campaigners to congratulate us on our work in helping secure aid in the Federal Budget. The Government moved to 'quarantine' aid from cuts in this year's 'tough budget', announced on Tuesday night.

    In thanking campaigners, Mr. Rudd also urged those present to keep up the work of "hassling politicians" on both sides of politics.

    "The work you've done - big tick. The work you'll do in the future - even more important" he said. "Keep it up!"

    The Opposition also came out in support of the MDGs yesterday, recommitting to 0.5% under pressure to clarify its position in light of some aid-critical comments made by Mr. Joe Hockey MP in the media.

    "'There is no change to the Coalition policy of increasing the foreign aid budget to 0.5 per cent of GNI by 2015-16", said Deputy Opposition leader and aid spokesperson, Ms. Julie Bishop MP.

    Thanks to everyone who came today and to everyone who has campaigned on behalf of people living in extreme poverty over the years! This budget has been good news for the world's poor! Let's keep hassling them until we get to 0.7%!

    Tabitha is the Communications Coordinator for Micah Challenge.