• Lobbying MPs in Canberra

    Posted by Micah

    16 November, 2010

    This week Caritas Australia's Campaigns Coordinator Alex Engel travelled to Canberra with members of the Micah Challenge coalition to lobby newly elected Members of Parliament (MPs) about issues of global poverty and the Millennium Development Goals. In short, the message was to increase both the quantity and quality of Australia's aid program.

    Throughout Tuesday and Wednesday, the group met with over 30 different MPs from variety of different political parties to discuss key issues, including healthcare, climate change and improved governance of the aid budget.

    Alex attended nine of these meetings, including one with an advisor to the Prime Minister Julia Gilliard."The meetings were extremely positive and we found most of the MPs were very receptive to our message," said Alex. "Trips like these are really at the heart of Caritas' work - that is, bringing the voice and needs of the poor to those that have the power to influence change."

    Caritas has been engaged with Micah Challenge network since 2007, in particular with the annual Voice for Justice lobbying training in Canberra.


    By Alex Engel, Campaigns Coordinator for Caritas Australia and member of the Micah Challenge Campaign Strategy Group . Alex is also a This blog post originally appeared on the Caritas Blog.