• More Aid

    Posted by Micah

    10 January, 2011

    Micah Challenge and Make Poverty History began campaigning around aid in 2004. At this point in time the Australian aid budget was just 0.25% of Australia's national income. Not only was this one of the lowest levels among richer nations, but it was Australia's lowest level ever.

    Since then a massive scale-up has begun. The aid budget in 2008-09 stands at 0.32% of Australia's national income and the Government has promised to increase this to 0.5% GNI by 2015.

    In 2007 dollar terms aid has risen from $2.3 billion in 2004 to $3.4 billion in 2009. Assuming the Government maintains its commitment to reach 0.5% by 2015, Australian aid will rise further, to around $6.6 billion (2007 prices). Compared to 2004 that means an additonal $1.1 billion in aid in 2009 increasing incrementally until it reaches an additional $4.3 billion delivered every year from 2015 on.

    Increased Autralian aid means more roads built; more schools and teachers and resources for them; more hospitals, health clinics and community health workers; more clean water and sanitation; more opportunities for the poor to earn income; hundreds of thousands more people lifted out of poverty; hundreds of thousands fewer children dying; and a dramatic decline in maternal mortality.

    This article originally appeared in Catalyst's campaign 'More Aid, Better Aid Campaign: Achievements'