• Mourning with those who mourn: A response to Typhoon Haiyan

    Posted by John

    11 November, 2013

    Reports this morning are estimating that as many as 10,000 people have been killed in the Philippines as a result of the devastation caused by Super Typhoon Haiyan in recent days.

    One of our nearest neighbours, the Philippines, is home to approximately 100 million people, with some 45% of them living on less than $2/day. The widespread poverty, particularly in the rural regions, exacerbates the impact of the storms that occur in this nation that is prone to natural disasters.

    Would you join us in prayer today for the people of the Philippines? As we prayed this morning, in our office, there were few words that we could offer. We prayed for God’s mercy to those who are suffering. We prayed for relief efforts, for the government and for NGOs. 

    Source: The Advertiser

    The Philippines are an important friend for Australia. Many Filipinos call Australia home and will have families who are directly impacted by this crisis. The Philippines are fellow members of ASEAN and the South East Asian Community.  Our collective futures and our prosperity in this ‘Asian Century’ are linked. Their suffering sends ripples that impact our nation in many ways. We mourn with them.

    And we respond! After an initial offer of only $390,000 in support over the weekend, it was encouraging to see the government announce a few moments ago that we would direct $10 million in support to the relief effort. This is an important opportunity for us to show compassion as a nation, both in the days to come, but also long into the coming months as the rebuilding process continues.

    Beyond the loss of life, the typhoon has flattened homes leaving hundreds of thousands displaced. It has toppled power lines, disabled communication networks and destroyed crops. All this in a context where relief efforts are already stretched thin from another typhoon and an earthquake in recent weeks. 

    So clearly this is also an opportunity for us to respond as individuals. Many of our coalition agencies have partners in the Philippines, and they will be launching appeals in the coming days. Please consider whether you are able to give.

    And again, today, would you pray? If words escape you, simply let your thoughts rest on the families and communities who are suffering today....and mourn with them. 

    Lord have mercy.


    John Beckett is the National Director of Micah Challenge Australia.