• Confessions of a Micah Challenge Intern

    Posted by Marissa

    17 November, 2011

    This time last year, I was sitting university exams, looking forward to the summer but very unsure about what 2011 would look like. A friend of mine had sent me an email about a Micah Challenge Internship job that sounded like a really exciting opportunity. A month later I heard that I had been offered the job – I looked forward to beginning the year and seeing what would come out of the experience.

    I distinctly remember sitting in the office on our first day with my fellow interns as we shared stories of how we had become Christians and developed a passion for social justice and the fight against global poverty. The one thing that stood out to me was how God had lead each of us three interns on such unique journeys that meant we were so well suited to the role we were in. Eliza, Politics student/ ex-Development studies student was accepted into the position of Political Engagement Intern, Zoe, Development Studies student/ ex-Visual Communication student, as Communications Intern; and me, Development Studies graduate/ ex-education student/ bible college student, as Education and Spiritual Formation Intern. God is pretty amazing like that!

    As I look back over the last year, I am astounded at how much I have been able to achieve and how much I have learned in such a short time. Being part of the Micah Challenge team has been an extraordinary privilege, and an experience I will never forget. Being surrounded by passionate, hard-working and like-minded people has set a wonderful foundation for me to develop my understanding of development and advocacy. I have loved every task and hour knowing that I am contributing to a greater cause and making a difference for people living in poverty around the world.  

    As Education and Spiritual Formation intern, focused on Church engagement, I have enjoyed teaching groups about Micah Challenge and the biblical principles of justice and advocacy through workshops and seminars. I was truly encouraged by each group I spoke with - meeting people engaged in these issues and hungry to act and respond. I was able to offer support to Christians of all ages as they prayed, wrote letters to Members of Parliament, and wrestled with tough questions. I even spoke to a Cantonese group through the assistance of a translator! It was a privilege to be able to share God’s heart for justice with people from all different demographic and denominational backgrounds.

    One of the highlights of my internship was getting to be part of Voices for Justice team. I had never been an event like it, and I admit I was pretty nervous. As an intern, I had a lot of responsibility and work to do, but being part of a lobby group and catching the contagious excitement and anticipation of meeting with Member of Parliament on behalf of the poor was so special. I was challenged to step out of my comfort zone, network with people from many different NGOs and church communities, and be a part of a dynamic, fun and committed team who work together beautifully with Jesus as their boss.

    As I come to the end of my internship year, it is a bittersweet moment. I will miss the work and the team, but I am also sure that it is only the beginning of a life-long journey for me down the path of working in social justice, advocacy and encouraging Christians to engage with these issues. I now feel ready and equipped to keep up the fight against poverty, and I owe that largely to Micah Challenge. 

    So if you aren’t sure what you are doing in 2012, and are passionate about Jesus and serving the poor, then consider apply for one of the Micah Challenge Internship roles, you never know how it might impact your life!   

    Marissa Flynn is the 2011 Micah Challenge Church Engagement Intern.