• New years resolutions & MDGs

    Posted by Joel

    4 January, 2011

    Micah Challenge's International Director, Joel Edwards reflects on starting 2011

    So it's that time of the year again.. there's always something spring-like about the start of another year which makes us keen to take on a new challenge and become new frontier people. No wonder thousands of us decide to shake off the Christmas weight and take on new promises in January. In order to make them feel really serious we call them resolutions. There's something very resolute about resolutions!

    But I'm also getting the impression that fewer of us are into all this, "I promise to do" stuff. To be honest I haven't found anyone who has made a resolution his year. In fact, I took a small consumer survey of the Micah Challenge team a few moments ago to discover that no one made a resolution this year and the only person who came close said 'resolution' was a bit of a 'strong word.'

    I can't actually remember if I have ever made one, but if I did I probably stopped for the same reasons most people do: decisions we make in the moment don't always work. Or maybe it's even more basic than that. Most of actually know we are unlikely to deliver on them - so why go through the agony of making one in the first place? Easy or emotive promises made in January easily dissolve by March. It's the thought-through intentional ones which stand a better chance of surviving.

    It turns out that nations can behave just like individuals. That's why we have a responsibility, as much as a right, to remind governments of their promises. There was nothing impulsive about the promises of the MDGs. They're not perfect promises, but they were thought-through, practical and achievable targets. They are as relevant in March or July, as they now, in January.


    This article first appeared on Joel's Blog, Micah Challenge International