• Prayer is action!

    Posted by John

    20 February, 2011

    National Coordinator, John Beckett invites you to "Pray with us!" on 20-27 Feb 2011

    People often thank me because Micah Challenge has given them an opportunity to DO something that makes a difference in response to extreme poverty. We welcome the thanks. Of course, our hope and prayer is that we can mobilise all Christians in Australia to SPEAK and ACT on poverty issues in the public space. We have a voice, a voice that is shaped by the Lordship of Christ. It is a credible voice!

    Yet in all our activity, in all our work for change, we are committed to one action that should come before, follow after, and run as a thread through, all that we do - the ACT of PRAYER.

    Prayer is action! Have you ever thought of it that way? Not simply 'pray before you act' or 'pray for the strength to act'. The act is the prayer. And it is the most important and powerful action we perform in our fight against poverty and injustice.

    What kind of action is it?

    Prayer is an act of justice. It calls on the God who is just to restore right where there is wrong; wholeness where there is brokenness.

    Prayer is an act of mercy. It moves beyond limited human efforts to show mercy by calling on Jesus who made limitless mercy available at the cross.

    Prayer is an act of humility. It reminds us this is God's earth, God's work, God's mission.We have both the privilege and the responsibility to join with God in seeking to restore abundant life to God's creation.

    Prayer is an act of mourning. The prophet Habbakuk cries out - How long oh Lord? Prayer seeks understanding, acknowledges mystery yet trusts God.

    Prayer is an act of repentance. We acknowledge the reality that we are perpetrators as well as victims of injustice - that we fall short of the kingdom life God calls us to live.

    Prayer is an act of strengthening. It is a channel for grace. In conversation with God - both speaking and listening - we come to know God, to know hope. Knowing God makes it possible to live with our eyes open to the world and to overcome fear in the face of injustice.

    Prayer is an act of thanksgiving. For the grace and mercy that have been poured out on us.

    Prayer is an act of listening. Remembering that in a world obsessed with doing, sometimes silence is the most effective ACTION we can take.

    So as a year of busy campaigning for and with the poor kicks off, I invite you to pray with us - in a focused way in the coming week, and then in an ongoing way as the year progresses. Join us as we mourn, give thanks, listen, repent, cry out and receive. Our leaders need to hear our voice; We need to hear God's.