• Thanks for joining us in prayer as action

    Posted by Marissa

    3 March, 2011

    We hope our 8 day PrayAct campaign has been a rewarding and enriching experience for you as we commit ourselves and our efforts to fight injustice to our great and powerful Creator God. Thank you for partnering with us in prayer over last week - we are convinced it is an essential foundation for the campaign. Thank you for prioritising the time to echo God's heart for the poor; entrusting progress toward the Millennium Development Goals to our God who listens.

    The whole notion of this prayer campaign was - 'Prayer is action', and it really is. Praying this week was an avenue to defend the rights of the poor and needy (Proverbs 31:9) and appealing to God to act. For me personally, I was absolutely humbled as I prayed each morning. The prayers were a wonderful point of reflection on the way God works according to his loving rule. It has encouraged me to continue the fight against poverty and injustice.

    I found this passage to be particularly relevant this week: For the LORD your God is God of gods and Lord of lords, the great God, mighty and awesome, who shows no partiality and accepts no bribes. He defends the cause of the fatherless and the widow, and loves the foreigner residing among you, giving them food and clothing. (Deuteronomy 10:17-18)
    Although there has been progress in achieving the MDGs, there is still progress to be made; let's commit to continued prayer as we dive into 2011. I encourage you all to use the prayers and MDG prayer points as a platform for prayer throughout the year. Let's remember the global fight against poverty and be inspired to pray and act with a real reliance upon our God to be at work.

    By Marissa Flynn, Micah Challenge Intern