• Urgent AND Important!

    Posted by John

    18 February, 2013

    I wouldn’t blame you if you were tired of people like me telling you that I need your help or support RIGHT NOW!

    Urgency can be tiring. Urgency is stressful. Urgency is unsustainable.

    That’s why the experts always warn us not to let the ‘urgent’ crowd out the ‘important’.

    The reality is that poverty in our world never slips off the urgent list. At every moment of every day someone in our world faces a life or death situation that is caused by poverty. However, for us who are removed from those situations, keeping it on our urgent list is probably unrealistic. That’s why our focus at Micah Challenge is to create lifelong advocates who will stand against the injustice of poverty as a matter of course – people for whom fighting poverty becomes part of who you are, rather than just something you do for a time. In other words, we are trying to plant it firmly on your ‘important’ list rather than your ‘urgent’ list, so that it doesn’t get pushed down your priority list.

    Having said that, this blog is my plea for you to put our Finish the Race campaign on your ‘URGENT & IMPORTANT” list in 2013. Let me explain why....

    When you look at how social change happens, there are invariably moments that act as a catalyst for change. 

    Source - Wikipedia

    For example, when Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a white man on an Alabama city bus in 1955, it helped catalyse the American Civil Rights movement. Thousands of people had been working and campaigning tirelessly for many years to change racial discrimination laws in the USA. However, it was a simple moment which captured the imagination of a nation and set in motion many of the changes those thousands had worked so hard for.

    If 2013 is a catalyst moment for improving Australia’s response to poverty, then I don’t want to miss it.

    As 2013 begins, we find ourselves with a strong foundation laid over 8 years of campaigning by thousands of supporters. We have the 2015 deadline for the MDGs firmly in our sights. We have an amazing story of global progress behind us with some targets achieved and many within reach.

    With these foundations in place, and a federal election called for September 14, 2013, conditions are conducive to change.

    Elections are vitally important times for our campaign. Governments are meant to spend most of the 3 year period in between elections governing. Once elected, they execute the plans they have laid out and, in theory, fulfil the commitments they made to the people during the election campaign.

    Elections are ‘foundation building’ times for political parties.

    When an election is called, the parties switch from governing mode into campaigning mode. Ideas and policies are back on the table. Party platforms for the next 3 years are formed and tweaked, communicated and promoted.

    September 14, 2013 is the last federal election before the MDG deadline and therefore the last significant opportunity to influence party policy platforms. As parties compete for our votes, they are more ready than usual to listen to the voices of the Australian people. This is the time when they will decide to what extent their response to global poverty issues will move up or down their priority list. This is the time when we need your voice to be directed to these listening ears.

    Of course, the work of finishing poverty doesn’t end at the election and it doesn’t end in 2015. But from now until September, the levers of political power in our country are oiled and ready to be pushed. If we push hard enough and at the right times, then we can see a shift. This could be a catalyst moment!

    So, will you join us NOW by pledging to take action in 2013?

    Put simply, this is an invitation to Christians in this country to help ensure we don’t leave the job of halving global poverty by 2015 unfinished. Some things shouldn’t be left unfinished. There is too much at stake to let this one slip down the to-do list.