• What will Mr. Rudd's resignation mean for the poor?

    Posted by John

    23 February, 2012

    Image courtesy of news.com.au.Image courtesy of news.com.au.Image courtesy of news.com.au.

    My answer to the question posed in the title of this blog is simple – I don’t know yet.

    The obvious reaction to Mr. Rudd’s announcement for us here in the Micah Challenge office is to get focused on what this will mean for the campaign. How should we respond? What strategies should we develop to ensure Australia’s commitments to the world's poorest people are maintained and strengthened?

    I was in that space this morning when I read something from a Pastor friend of mine who said this on Facebook:

    ‘"@twitter reveals the dysfunctional heart of Aussies in response to the crisis. A better response? Pray with me 4 @JuliaGillard & @KRuddMP"

    It was a timely reminder for me.

    The focus for Micah Challenge this week has been our PrayACT campaign. We have been encouraging people Pray for the poorPray for the poorPray for the poorto focus on prayer as the primary action we should take as Christian advocates for the poor.

    No doubt we will also spend time over the coming days, weeks and months thinking about how we can best use our voices on behalf of the poor in this political environment. But, most of those decisions will be out of our hands, as we respond to the decisions of these fascinating ‘faceless men’ we keep hearing about. Undoubtedly, Kevin Rudd has been amongst Micah Challenge’s strongest political supporters. His decision yesterday, and the decisions to be made in the coming days, could effect our foreign policy – for worse or for better.

    But today, can I once again encourage you to pray as your first response – to bring the situation with our nation’s leadership before God. Pray for those who are poor in our world. Pray that this political circus will not result in a watering down of our commitment to the people we seek to speak for and with. Pray that our leaders will have the space to think clearly about important issues while they attend to these distractions.

    And can I encourage you to pray for mothers – the focus of our PrayACT campaign today. Surely the potential to save the lives of tens of thousands of mothers as they give birth gives a little bit of perspective to our prayers and to the events of last night.


    John Beckett (known to most of us as JB) is the National Coordinator of Micah Challenge Australia.

    Click here to join us in prayer for mothers around the world who risk their lives in pregnancy and childbirth, as part of our PrayACT campaign.