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The Micah Challenge blog is a space for discussion and debate about the issues of global poverty, faith, advocacy and justice and the Millennium Development Goals. This blog aims to provoke thought and challenge you to learn more about the issues discussed. We welcome your comments.

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  • AusAid corruption comfortingly miniscule

    Posted by Gershon

    24 March, 2011

    I awoke this morning to a few articles from the News Limited group of newspapers lambasting foreign aid. The articles decried the ‘systematic criminal behaviour', ‘widespread corruption' and ‘exorbitant wastage' of the Australian Government aid program. After a quick skim of the headlines, I was sure that our aid program was now being run by the likes of Tony Soprano and his gangland cronies , and this hard hitting expose was about to burst it all open. The giant multi-media banner pasted across the page, titled “Top Secret, Operation Fraud" just about had me convinced. A quick fact check however made me realise that the News Limited headlines may have in fact been a little (or enormously) overstated. I'm not saying that corruption in developing countries isn't a significant problem, it is. And I'm not for a moment trying to suggest that all AusAID's programs are corruption free, they're not. What I am saying is that we need to keep these headlines in perspective. Getting Some Perspective The total… read more

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  • Our friend Howie: The politics post

    Posted by Howie

    22 March, 2011

    Friend of Micah Challenge, Howie, got to thinking about Christians and politics and decided to write about it. From the outset of this post I would like to say that I'm no political junkie nor do 'I think I'm right and you're wrong' when it comes to politics. I know it sounds dumb but I guess it's been a journey for me. A couple of years ago I didn't really care at all about politics. I would read stuff on smh and watch the news and from that I decided if I liked or disliked a politician. So I thought I would try and answer some questions, I've tried to come up with a bunch of questions that I think are worth exploring. Stumbling through facebook (the one true source for views, emotions and photos of people drinking beer at parties) I find it interesting to see what people write on their profile under 'political views'. Some people are very exact in their views and say things like 'Labour party of Australia'. But on the whole, especially with Christians it typically says something like 'politics?????'. Partly I think it's a generational thing where politics just… read more

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  • International Womens Day

    Posted by Amanda

    8 March, 2011

    The international celebration of all things female - International Women's Day - is 100 years old on Tuesday March 8. I can't believe there has been a special day for women since 1911 and yet so much still needs to change to give women and girls an equal place in society. My friends in London or Sydney may think I am exaggerating. After all, girls do better at school than boys, we occupy more places at university and the cliché of privileged mums sipping coffee while their designer babies sleep in designer prams is a "cliché" because it's true! What more could we want? Well, here are my 5 big reasons for supporting a day which highlights women's achievements in all fields and the huge struggles still facing millions of women. 1. Even in affluent countries, women face inequality. Fewer than one in six parliamentarians are women. Ten countries have no women in parliament and 40 others have fewer than one in ten women as elected representatives. In the UK, Only 12.5% of Board members of the top 100 companies (FTSE 100) are women. In the top 250 companies,… read more

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  • Floods devastate millions of lives - and not just in Queensland.

    Posted by Gershon

    1 February, 2011

    As 75% of Queensland is declared a national disaster zone due to the flooding that is now inundating the state, other regions across the globe are being wracked by similar catastrophes. Queensland is in the midst of the most severe floods it has experienced since 1974, with 18 lives already lost and dozens more missing. Roads have been closed, businesses shut down, rail lines cut and homes destroyed by the rising waters. As Australians our heart naturally goes out to our fellow countrymen whose lives are being thrown into turmoil by this disaster. Indeed many, like myself, have a particular and personal concern for family and friends that are being directly affected by the flood waters (some reading this may even be victims of the flood themselves). It is always heart wrenching to see those close to home face such tragedy. As Christians concerned about global justice, it's worth taking a moment to expand our net of empathy to also consider others across the world that are undergoing similar trials. Colombia Colombia is still trying to recover from what… read more

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