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The Micah Challenge blog is a space for discussion and debate about the issues of global poverty, faith, advocacy and justice and the Millennium Development Goals. This blog aims to provoke thought and challenge you to learn more about the issues discussed. We welcome your comments.

Micah Challenge is a global campaign of Christians speaking out against poverty and injustice. Click here to visit the Micah Challenge website.

  • Voices for Justice 2014 Day 2

    Posted by Benton

    22 June, 2014

    One of the really wonderful things about Voices for Justice is not just the diverse collection of voices but also that those who work in developing countries are front and centre of the gathering. Day 2 started with an invigorating panel discussion with Dereje Alemayehu (Chair, Tax Justice Network - Africa), Tagolyn Kabekabe (Pacific Facilitator, Anglican Alliance), and John Beckett aka JB (National Director, Micah Challenge Australia). Dereje spoke to us about tax justice and explained with great clarity the reasons why tackling tax dodging is so important and why the G20 in Brisbane this year is such an immense opportunity to affect change for the global poor. He also shared that for every dollar entering Africa, there are currently three dollars leaving Africa – such is the magnitude of this issue and the magnitude of harm being done to poverty reduction. Tagolyn spoke to us about the impacts of climate change in the Pacific and the current slow pace of action to reduce emissions and commit resources to climate change adaptation. This is a topic… read more

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  • An opportunity to build on progress

    Posted by Steve

    4 April, 2014

    In February 2003 a dozen or so people from across the world came together in Seattle. Our purpose was to give practical shape to an emerging global campaign. For several months the leadership of two global networks, the Micah Network and the World Evangelical Alliance, had been giving serious prayer and consideration to what on the surface seemed to many a highly improbable dream. The background to our gathering was a truly remarkable pledge made by the world’s political leaders a couple of years earlier – a millennium promise to halve world poverty by 2015. Was there something we could or should do to support those leaders to make good their pledge? How could we help them achieve their so-called Millennium Development Goals? How might we and the networks we represented be able to encourage them to keep their eyes on the goals? Or call them to account if they appeared to be shirking? Could we create an on-going campaign that would serve both as a catalyst for alerting millions of Christians around the world to God’s passion for justice and… read more

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  • One woman's stand for authentic faith

    Posted by Amanda

    25 October, 2013

    Gisela Schneider epitomises authentic faith: “strong and respected and not afraid of the future. She speaks with a gentle wisdom.”[1] That wisdom – sometimes fierce as well as gentle - comes from 30 years as a missionary doctor in various nations. Recently I caught up with this talented woman in London and she told me some of the things that have shaped her life with God. Early on, Gisela knew that she wanted to do more than swim in the mainstream – “I didn’t want to stay in my nice, white middle class world” - and was drawn to be a doctor so she could do overseas mission work. Her ideals about “serving God on the mission field” were given a swift reality check in the Gambia. Life was often disorganised, and the political situation chaotic. Children and women were treated with scant respect and punishment was harsh. “They didn’t seem to understand forgiveness. All I could do was live out my values, try to demonstrate forgiveness, cry with the children. And people did start to notice. I guess you… read more

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  • EXPOSED stories from around the World

    Posted by Amanda

    23 October, 2013

    In Manila this week, Christians have been holding Jericho walks to symbolically bring down walls of corruption. There is outrage in the PHILIPPINES because US$250 million due to be spent on development projects for the poor has ‘disappeared’. Christians have been walking and praying around key government buildings in Manila and the capital, Quezon City. What a mighty prophetic action! In addition, the caravan of marchers has taken a roast pig with them as a symbol of how pork-barreling is responsible for millions going missing. In 142 other cities around the country, vigils of prayer and advocacy to expose corruption and its devastating effects on the poor have take place throughout October as part of the global EXPOSED campaign. Let me tell you some more stories… In UGANDA, where it is risky to hold gatherings in public there was a four hour Vigil ending at midnight on Tuesday 8th, the eve of Uganda’s 51st independence anniversary. The Vigil brought together many different groups that are calling for integrity in public finances… read more

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