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The Micah Challenge blog is a space for discussion and debate about the issues of global poverty, faith, advocacy and justice and the Millennium Development Goals. This blog aims to provoke thought and challenge you to learn more about the issues discussed. We welcome your comments.

Micah Challenge is a global campaign of Christians speaking out against poverty and injustice. Click here to visit the Micah Challenge website.

  • International Womens Day

    Posted by Amanda

    8 March, 2011

    The international celebration of all things female - International Women's Day - is 100 years old on Tuesday March 8. I can't believe there has been a special day for women since 1911 and yet so much still needs to change to give women and girls an equal place in society. My friends in London or Sydney may think I am exaggerating. After all, girls do better at school than boys, we occupy more places at university and the cliché of privileged mums sipping coffee while their designer babies sleep in designer prams is a "cliché" because it's true! What more could we want? Well, here are my 5 big reasons for supporting a day which highlights women's achievements in all fields and the huge struggles still facing millions of women. 1. Even in affluent countries, women face inequality. Fewer than one in six parliamentarians are women. Ten countries have no women in parliament and 40 others have fewer than one in ten women as elected representatives. In the UK, Only 12.5% of Board members of the top 100 companies (FTSE 100) are women. In the top 250 companies,… read more

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  • Christians most 'powerful agents to eradicate global poverty'

    Posted by Amanda

    19 January, 2011

    Micah International joined Micah UK in handing over 11,000 pledges to halve poverty to Parliament The promises were made by tens of thousands of churchgoers across Britain on 10.10.10 as part of What's Your Promise? the UK chapter of Micah's 10.10.10 Campaign. On that iconic date an estimated 60 million Christians around the world stood together in prayer to remember the poor. These very promises were handed over to MPs on January 25 in a committee room of the House of Commons. This marked the culmination of a campaign that seeks to remind countries of their commitment to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Click here to read the rest of this report from Micah International. read more

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  • New years resolutions & MDGs

    Posted by Joel

    4 January, 2011

    Micah Challenge's International Director, Joel Edwards reflects on starting 2011 So it's that time of the year again.. there's always something spring-like about the start of another year which makes us keen to take on a new challenge and become new frontier people. No wonder thousands of us decide to shake off the Christmas weight and take on new promises in January. In order to make them feel really serious we call them resolutions. There's something very resolute about resolutions! But I'm also getting the impression that fewer of us are into all this, "I promise to do" stuff. To be honest I haven't found anyone who has made a resolution his year. In fact, I took a small consumer survey of the Micah Challenge team a few moments ago to discover that no one made a resolution this year and the only person who came close said 'resolution' was a bit of a 'strong word.' I can't actually remember if I have ever made one, but if I did I probably stopped for the same reasons most people do: decisions we make in the moment don't always work. Or maybe it's even more… read more

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  • 10.10.10 changed our campus!

    Posted by Micah

    26 October, 2010

    10.10.10 Reflections from Ethan Dean, Cornerstone University, USA 10.10.10. Until this date, this incredible event did not mean much to me. Not until I saw the impact that it had not only on the world, but specifically at Cornerstone University. I say specifically at Cornerstone because what happened on this campus was revolutionary. Hearts were challenged and as a result, hand prints were traced. The week of this Micah Challenge event, Cornerstone was holding a Global Opportunities week. We have mission trips offered to students, multiple campus organizations speaking out on social issues, missionary organizations informing us on unique opportunities. This year we had a unique speaker tell her story of surviving HIV. She at the end of her message promoted Micah Challenge and called roughly 730 people to trace their hands. 730 people!! I was asked by Dana Doll, the West Michigan Micah Challenge representative, to help collect the handprints. Having hundreds of them in my hands I snuck a few peeks at the promises being made. People promised money, time, and… read more

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