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The Micah Challenge blog is a space for discussion and debate about the issues of global poverty, faith, advocacy and justice and the Millennium Development Goals. This blog aims to provoke thought and challenge you to learn more about the issues discussed. We welcome your comments.

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  • My Budget Rules (2014 Season)

    Posted by Ben

    13 May, 2014

    It's the second Tuesday in May, which can mean only one thing: tonight is budget night. The economy's night of nights. Treasurer Joe Hockey's time on centre stage. By now (as with every other budget I can remember), endless budget meetings have been held inside government, stories about budget plans have been planted, numbers leaked, and rumours of cuts and spending have been endlessly speculated about. But tonight all that ends when the budget is handed down. How will we at Micah Challenge judge the Abbott Government's first budget? First, when it comes to aid, we'll be assessing the budget on how well the programs and country focus are able to demonstrate impact in reducing poverty. We agree that Australian aid is an investment in regional and global security and prosperity. However, the returns on that investment can't be measured in dollar terms alone. For just 1.3% of the Federal Budget, Australian aid contributes to a lot of good in the world. Focus on aid-for-trade or economic growth doesn't automatically translate into… read more

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