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The Micah Challenge blog is a space for discussion and debate about the issues of global poverty, faith, advocacy and justice and the Millennium Development Goals. This blog aims to provoke thought and challenge you to learn more about the issues discussed. We welcome your comments.

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  • Disillusioned? Some perspective please!

    Posted by John

    14 August, 2013

    Are you feeling disillusioned at the current state of the political landscape as we approach the election? If you are, the anecdotal evidence is pretty compelling that you’re not alone. I could count more than 20 conversations I’ve had with people over the last week who are feeling less than inspired at the prospect of casting their vote in a few weeks time. The same feeling was represented in a recent article that did the social network rounds from a young journalist named Kate Midena. In it Kate outlines her perspectives on various Party positions, then finishes with these words: ‘What do I do? Who do I vote for? There seems no real point of difference between our major parties, and it leaves me at a loss. I don't want to cast an informal vote, and I want to play a part in our nation's future. But at what cost? If I lean one way, I'll be damaging people who come to this country to seek refuge; if I lean the other, I'll be putting thousands of kids in public schools and the welfare of poor Australia at risk.I know that the… read more

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  • Australia's Minister for International Development

    Posted by Ben

    1 July, 2013

    Newly (re)installed Prime Minister Kevin Rudd took his ministerial team to the Governor General yesterday for swearing in. We'll leave it for others to comment on ALP leadership, the timing of an election, the make-up of the ministry, what it means for political debate in this country, and all that. What we want to comment on is that Australia now has a Minister for International Development – Western Australian MP Melissa Parke. The last time Australia had ministry level representation for international development (rather than the more junior Parliamentary Secretary position) was in 1993–96 when Gordon Bilney was Minister for Development Cooperation and Pacific Affairs. It won't be a cabinet level ministry, but it brings a much needed specific focus on international development into government decision-making. Melissa Parke is well-regarded and has considerable relevant experience, having served as a human rights lawyer with the United Nations. She also spoke out strongly against the Government's diversion of aid towards the domestic… read more

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  • G8 points us in the right direction on tax

    Posted by Jennifer

    30 June, 2013

    As promised, tax featured high on the agenda of the recent G8 meetings hosted in Northern Ireland. The resulting communiqué from this meeting of the leaders of the world’s largest economies indicated their desire to find solutions to global challenges of tax evasion and avoidance. And they did so in such a way that recognised the importance of these changes for developing countries. The communiqué said: “It is in everyone’s interests for developing countries to be able to: strengthen their tax base to help create stable and sustainable states; improve their ability to fund their budgets through their own domestic revenues; and increase ownership of their own development processes.” We couldn’t agree more! The outcomes of the summit included positive movement towards each of our three policy asks concerning tax justice. Country by country reporting of the financial affairs of multinational companies has been officially endorsed at the highest level and the OECD has been asked to develop a standard template that could… read more

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  • Leaders map way to take global development beyond 2015

    Posted by Amanda

    6 June, 2013

    The leaders of three very different nations, Indonesia, the UK and Liberia (as well as an army of advisors) have been meeting over the last nine months to discuss what the world might want to aim for in the next generation. At the moment we have the Millennium Development Goals which Micah Challenge campaigns around, but what happens after 2015? That’s what the High Level Panel has addressed in its report to the UN. It set out its ideas on a post 2015 global development agenda after hearing from thousands of people and groups. The report builds on the MDGs in many ways but goes beyond them. It wants to ‘eradicate’ extreme poverty and it urges the world to embrace sustainable development with social, economic and environmental dimensions. It puts women and youth at the heart of the picture and talks about the importance of peace and good governance. It weaves human rights throughout the report and importantly it wants any future goals to be universal – so they apply to Australia as much as Timor Leste and Brazil. And perhaps unexcitedly it… read more

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