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The Micah Challenge blog is a space for discussion and debate about the issues of global poverty, faith, advocacy and justice and the Millennium Development Goals. This blog aims to provoke thought and challenge you to learn more about the issues discussed. We welcome your comments.

Micah Challenge is a global campaign of Christians speaking out against poverty and injustice. Click here to visit the Micah Challenge website.

  • The Church as Prophetic Voice

    Posted by Salome

    5 November, 2014

    We interviewed Charles Newington, Senior Pastor of ACC-affiliated Cornerstone Christian Church and Rev Susan Pickering, Senior Minister of West End Uniting Church in Brisbane about the actions their churches are taking in conjunction with our Shine the Light campaign for the G20. It’s a great insight into why Brisbane Christians are feeling the call to engage with tax injustice, and inspiring for those of us who aren’t in Brisbane, but can nonetheless take action by adding our voice to theirs. How is your church engaging in the Shine the Light Brisbane weekend? Charles: We are engaged in a Worship and Justice Evening. Our Youth Group and Young Adults in particular, but everyone has a real interest in hearing Tim Costello and Bishop Ephraim speaking on the issues. We certainly work at being both a worshiping community and also actively and practically involved in justice and equity of opportunity. Susan: West End Uniting Church will be hosting a prayer and meditation service on the Saturday morning before the Public Action in Brisbane. Whyhas… read more

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  • The Personal Side to Tax Justice Advocacy

    Posted by Benton

    29 October, 2014

    Whenever we think of great reforms made in the past, we think of a sea of people crying out together in unison for change. We rarely think of the personal stories that led each and every one of those individuals to dedicate their time, their efforts or even their very lives to bringing about reform. However, we at Micah Challenge would like to take the time to look at the personal motivations of some of our supporters, and why is it they have developed a passion for seemingly complex topics like tax dodging & corruption. Benton Wecker is a long-time supporter of Micah Challenge, and has some really great things to say about his faith and why it has led him to participate in our upcoming Shine the Light Brisbane events. We hope you find his answers as inspiring as we did! How did you get involved with Micah Challenge? I became involved with Micah Challenge Australia in early 2009 when a good friend encouraged me to attend the annual Micah Challenge national gathering in Canberra called ‘Voices for Justice’. My wife and I made the trip for… read more

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  • Voices (and Feet!) For Justice

    Posted by Cherry

    2 September, 2014

    It’s been several months now since the incredible event that is Voices for Justice. As a first-timer I could barely contain my excitement – wrapping my head around tax dodging, seeing Christians come together from all around Australia, walking into Parliament House, meeting politicians and sharing with them our passion, as followers of Jesus, for seeing poverty eradicated. It was a totally invigorating experience where I felt like I was putting my faith into real action. I left with an amazing sense of excitement as I realized that hey! We really can use our voices. We can be a part of shaping a better future for the world’s poor. I am already looking forward to going next year. But what now? Will we just wait in the meantime, or will we continue to take action? I am happy to say that Seaforth Baptist Church, the community I am grateful to be a part of, has been inspired to continue taking action within our local community. This year we are celebrating the tenth year of hosting the Manly Manado Walk, a beautiful 10km sponsored walk from the… read more

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  • Voices for Justice 2014 Day 2

    Posted by Benton

    22 June, 2014

    One of the really wonderful things about Voices for Justice is not just the diverse collection of voices but also that those who work in developing countries are front and centre of the gathering. Day 2 started with an invigorating panel discussion with Dereje Alemayehu (Chair, Tax Justice Network - Africa), Tagolyn Kabekabe (Pacific Facilitator, Anglican Alliance), and John Beckett aka JB (National Director, Micah Challenge Australia). Dereje spoke to us about tax justice and explained with great clarity the reasons why tackling tax dodging is so important and why the G20 in Brisbane this year is such an immense opportunity to affect change for the global poor. He also shared that for every dollar entering Africa, there are currently three dollars leaving Africa – such is the magnitude of this issue and the magnitude of harm being done to poverty reduction. Tagolyn spoke to us about the impacts of climate change in the Pacific and the current slow pace of action to reduce emissions and commit resources to climate change adaptation. This is a topic… read more

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