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The Micah Challenge blog is a space for discussion and debate about the issues of global poverty, faith, advocacy and justice and the Millennium Development Goals. This blog aims to provoke thought and challenge you to learn more about the issues discussed. We welcome your comments.

Micah Challenge is a global campaign of Christians speaking out against poverty and injustice. Click here to visit the Micah Challenge website.

  • The shocking image of Aylan and 60 million reasons to act

    Posted by Benn

    9 September, 2015

    Over the past week, a single image of a drowned child went viral. Aylan Kurdi who, along with his mother and brother, drowned after attempting to reach Europe to escape persecution is one of almost 60 million people displaced by conflict, persecution and war. Among that crowd, this image of Aylan has shaken many in Australia, being shown in candle-light vigils, being mentioned in Parliament, and contributing to an upsurge in a compassion and generosity in our public discourse about refugees and about aid that we were beginning to think lost. We believe this tragic image and the fate of one small child can provide a turning point to discuss how we should act as fellow humans, why we should act as Christians and what we should do as global citizens. Responding with more compassion and practical support for refugees and asylum-seekers is clearly part of what must happen. We should also increase humanitarian and other forms of aid which help those who have been displaced, and can work to reduce the pressures of conflict and violence. Last century, the… read more

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  • The biggest aid cut in Australia's history

    Posted by Ben

    16 December, 2014

    With due deference to the terror and tragedy of unfolding events in Sydney's Martin Place yesterday, the Government delayed by a few hours the release of its mid-year budget update. However, when the Treasurer finally announced his plans, it was terrible news for Australia's aid program. On top of the $7.6 billion already ripped out of Australian aid since coming to office, the Government is planning to cut a further $3.7 billion from aid over the next four years. Despite the fact that aid represents just over 1% of the Federal Government's budget, cuts to aid represent more than a quarter of all the budget cuts this Government has made in the 15 months since coming to office. These cuts will take Australian aid to their lowest recorded levels and include the largest single-year cut to aid in Australian history – $1 billion or 20% taken out of the budget from this year to next. At a time when Australia's economy is growing, when our debt is 6th lowest among all developed countries, these cuts will plunge our contribution to global… read more

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  • Shining a Light on the G20

    Posted by Ben

    3 November, 2014

    In a world where we are constantly inundated with news and information, there are many times when we see or hear something and think, I wonder what that’s about? I’ll research it later. Of course, later never arrives because amongst the busyness of our lives it completely slips our minds, until we come across it again and think, I never did get around to researching that. I’ll make sure I look at it later. And the cycle continues. So, this blog is for those of you who have come across vague rumblings or mentions of a little something called the G20, but despite your best intentions have yet to find out exactly what it is, why it’s important, and why it’s relevant to you. The G20 – What’s it all about? Made up of 19 of the world’s most economically powerful nations along with the European Union, altogether the G20 represents around two-thirds of the world’s population and that are responsible for three-quarters of all global trade. Leaders and ministers of the G20 meet annually to discuss and respond to… read more

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  • The Global Call for Tax Justice

    Posted by Amanda

    27 October, 2014

    Waiting at Heathrow for plane to Australia. It’s a trip I’ve done many many times but none with this much scary significance. Christians in Australia will represent over 81, 450 people from 172 nations who have signed the Global Call – people from Vietnam, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Mongolia, Andorra, The Bahamas and China. From Slovenia, Malta, Nigeria, Romania and Suriname. It’s been wonderful to see the global response. People everywhere want to stop corruption. We all know it’s not right and in the last year, we have also taken action rather than just shrugging our shoulders in despair or blaming other people for the problem. As well as the 80,000 signatures – most of them signed in hard copy at church meetings – we have hundreds of selfies, and we have the support of the leaders of all main Christian networks – Evangelical, Pentecostal and Ecumenical – via the Open Letter. All of these actions will be prayed over, and presented to political leaders in the coming weeks. There’ll be a youth… read more

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