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The Micah Challenge blog is a space for discussion and debate about the issues of global poverty, faith, advocacy and justice and the Millennium Development Goals. This blog aims to provoke thought and challenge you to learn more about the issues discussed. We welcome your comments.

Micah Challenge is a global campaign of Christians speaking out against poverty and injustice. Click here to visit the Micah Challenge website.

  • Voices for Justice 2011

    Posted by Micah

    18 September, 2011

    Participant Josh, reflects on the purpose of Voices for Justice and why he's back again this year... This weekend I'm heading down to Canberra. It's not for a leisurely holiday (although I have recently come to really like Canberra as a holiday destination!), but rather to attend The Micah Challenge's Voices for Justice conference. Basically, the whole idea for the conference is that a bunch of Christians from all around Australia descend on Canberra once a year in order to lobby our Federal political representatives in regards to acting on reducing global poverty. We hold them accountable to their bilateral agreement to the U.N. "Millennium Development Goals" (of halving world poverty by 2015), and also spend time learning more deeply about issues of justice and poverty. I like the work of The Micah Challenge generally, but I really love this conference for a couple of reasons: Firstly, it's not just another Christian conference where everyone gets together for the sole purpose of feeling good about themselves and to get motivated for the period of time until… read more

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  • Live simply, that others may simply live

    Posted by Eliza

    27 July, 2011

    Last Thursday, while most of us were finishing our lunch, famine was declared in two southern regions of Somalia. With a belly full of Thai food and a half eaten piece of cake sitting beside my desk I read the headline 'Millions at risk as famine declared'. My stomach twisted- 11 million people are facing starvation and I can't remember the last time I finished everything on my plate. The food crisis sweeping the Horn of Africa has created a 'triangle of hunger' between Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia. Of the regions affected, Somalia has been hit hardest with a combined force of 20 years of unwavering political unrest and the worst drought the nation has seen in 60 years. The United Nations has estimated that 3.7 million - nearly half the country's population - are currently facing severe food shortages. The UN will not declare famine lightly. Technically, at least 20 per cent of households must be facing extreme food shortages, 30 per cent of people must be suffering from severe malnutrition and there must be at least two deaths per 10 000 people each day.… read more

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  • Voices for Justice: Go!

    Posted by Micah

    28 June, 2011

    Voices for Justice participant, Adam, reflects on his time in Canberra last year In order to attend Voice for Justice last year I had to get two days off work (and as I as I was new at a new job at the time, it was all the leave I had); pay a fair amount of money for plane tickets, food, and conference registration; and visit a distant city to do something I have never done before without a single person I knew in sight. I do not regret it. So what did I learn? I have learnt that politicians are people, and not just the nameless, faceless cogs of government I thought they were. It is true - some MPs will not make waves, preferring to do what is politically convenient; yet others went far beyond the call of duty, organising our security passes and encouraging other MPs to meet us. I know now that lobbying does make a difference. To make big change I think you need public support and political support. Voices for Justice has secured a lot of political support. Rudd and Abbott described us as the nagging prophets asking for justice. I would say the description… read more

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  • Voices for Justice participants share their stories

    Posted by Tabitha

    14 June, 2011

    We love the enthusiasm and excitement that oozes from our supporters when they TAKE ACTION on behalf of the poor. Check out this video of some Voices for Justice 2010 participants sharing about their experience last year: Registrations for Voices for Justice 2011 opened today and we're really keen to get participants from as many electorates along as possible - especially people from remote and regional areas of Australia. Please help us by spreading the word to your family and friends. The event will take place in Canberra 17-20 September and there really is nothing else like it. Click here for more information and to register. read more

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