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The Micah Challenge blog is a space for discussion and debate about the issues of global poverty, faith, advocacy and justice and the Millennium Development Goals. This blog aims to provoke thought and challenge you to learn more about the issues discussed. We welcome your comments.

Micah Challenge is a global campaign of Christians speaking out against poverty and injustice. Click here to visit the Micah Challenge website.

  • JB's Final Thoughts

    Posted by John

    22 December, 2014

    After 10 years of helping Christians and churches hold governments around the world to account for their promises to halve world poverty by 2015, the first phase of the Micah Challenge campaign will come to an end this month. The overwhelming sense amongst our wonderful partners is that beyond 2015 and the end date for the MDGs there will be much to do. (These messages from 7 kids born in the year 2000 is an inspiring reminder of why we need to finish what we started.) We feel deep in our hearts that a real opportunity exists to take this work to another level, so we will be reopening these doors again in the first half of 2015. Our supporters and the public will see a fresh brand and a new vision, but they will experience the same commitment to ensuring that Christians are advocating for and with the global poor. As Micah Challenge closes its doors, it’s also time for me to move on to new things. I have had the enormous privilege of helping to guide this work for almost 6 years. Now it’s time to say farewell. I know that Ben and the team here will… read more

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  • The Church as Prophetic Voice

    Posted by Salome

    5 November, 2014

    We interviewed Charles Newington, Senior Pastor of ACC-affiliated Cornerstone Christian Church and Rev Susan Pickering, Senior Minister of West End Uniting Church in Brisbane about the actions their churches are taking in conjunction with our Shine the Light campaign for the G20. It’s a great insight into why Brisbane Christians are feeling the call to engage with tax injustice, and inspiring for those of us who aren’t in Brisbane, but can nonetheless take action by adding our voice to theirs. How is your church engaging in the Shine the Light Brisbane weekend? Charles: We are engaged in a Worship and Justice Evening. Our Youth Group and Young Adults in particular, but everyone has a real interest in hearing Tim Costello and Bishop Ephraim speaking on the issues. We certainly work at being both a worshiping community and also actively and practically involved in justice and equity of opportunity. Susan: West End Uniting Church will be hosting a prayer and meditation service on the Saturday morning before the Public Action in Brisbane. Whyhas… read more

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  • Voices for Justice 2014 Day 3

    Posted by Benton

    23 June, 2014

    Well I’m sitting here typing this in the middle of Queens Terrace Cafe in Parliament House and the buzz from Voices for Justice participants is infectious and so exciting! It’s actually hard to hear yourself above it all! I think all 220 Christians here at Voices for Justice feel the immense privilege it is to be able to speak truth to our nation’s leaders so that, as Joel Edwards spoke to us about last night, we may join in God’s mission in this world of proclaiming good news to the poor and setting the oppressed free. And as Tom Wright would say, the good news of Jesus and his resurrection is that God’s mission is not to snatch people away from earth to heaven but to colonise earth with the life of heaven. For me, Voices for Justice puts flesh and blood on this idea. At Voices, when we engage with our politicians we are all seeking to respond to these critical questions: who is being oppressed or treated unfairly, and am I standing with them as Jesus would? And as Dereje Alemayehu stressed to us, tax justice isn’t… read more

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  • A new lens for Lent

    Posted by Joel

    17 April, 2014

    One of the remaining redeeming features of Easter is the fact that relatively speaking, unlike Christmas, it has not been over-commercialised. But it's still plagued by ignorance so that in many communities in our increasingly diverse and secularised cultures, the Passion story remains unknown. Lots of people are totally unable to recognise some of the historic facts associated with the story. There are thousands of people in so-called Christian countries who don't know who Pilate is. It wouldn't surprise me if there were people out there who think that Easter is some kind of story about giant eggs. The greater ignorance is the total lack of awareness that the Easter event 2,000 years ago was God's best expression of his love for the world expressed in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and that forgiveness, healing and wholeness remain at the heart of the story. So we must never undervalue the importance of this Lenten season which leads us to the way of the Cross and which cuts a path through the cynicism and hopelessness of… read more

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