Campaign Overview

Since 2005, Micah Challenge has worked to raise awareness and action on global poverty and to equip Christians to become advocates for the poor. We have called on Australia’s political leaders to live up to their Millennium promise to “spare no effort” to free men, women and children from abject poverty and contribute our fair share to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Now in 2015, the target year of the MDGs is upon us and globally, the world has seen remarkable progress against some of the worst aspects of poverty, ensuring improved health, education and opportunity for millions of people around the world. Our voices, raised together, have helped drive Australia’s contribution to this process. There have certainly been setbacks – but our past campaigning, in collaboration with others, has led to unprecedented action to increase and improve Australia’s aid program, to invest in health and sanitation, and to begin ensuring that multinationals are transparent about how much tax they pay.

We are currently developing powerful new campaigns to launch our new phase of campaigning beyond 2015. Stay tuned - they are coming soon!

In the meantime, sign up to the Campaign for Australian Aid below and follow the links to background information, achievements and resources for our three campaign focus areas.


Sign up to the Campaign for Australian Aid

Australian aid, as part of global efforts, has helped to reduce child deaths around the world by over 40% since 1990. We know that aid works, and yet Australia's aid investment is far less than the average country effort for all developed country aid donors and has fallen victim to deep cuts and radical changes from both major parties over the last three years.

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Shining the light on tax dodging and corruption

The global rules around taxation serve to rob billions from countries around the world, but it is developing countries that suffer the worst. Estimates show that more than 160 billion dollars is being lost from developing countries each year due to the illegal practice of corporate tax evasion. Since 2012, we have joined Christians from around the world in shining the light on corruption and unethical tax dodging practices, bringing them out from the darkness into the light where they can be overcome.

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Changing the conversation on climate change

Australia and the world continue to experience the climate impacts of a warming world, in the form of more heatwaves and drought, increased flooding, sea level rise and their impacts on human health, livelihoods and opportunity. Sadly, most of these impacts are already affecting, and will continue to have the greatest effect, on the world’s poorest people. Find resources for raising awareness, prayer and action on climate change via our 2013-14 Hope for Creation campaign.

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