While we're deciding on Christmas gifts, the Government has decided it will continue to cut Australian aid.

Please contact your MP urgently and ask them to call on the Government to change direction.

Even after the biggest aid cuts in Australia's history (a total of $11.6 billion cut from the aid budget since the 2013 election), the Government's new Prime Minister has missed an opportunity to reverse the scheduled $200 million cuts to Australian aid which are due to be enacted in the May 2016 budget. This will take away vital resources from programs that help communities and countries overcome the barriers that entrench poverty.

Most Australians think that we invest a lot (around 16% of the Federal Budget) in aid to tackle poverty. The truth is we invest less than 1% of the Federal budget (around 22 cents in every $100 of our national income). We're already falling fast behind other aid donor countries, and will now fall even further.


It doesn’t have to be this way.

As we remember and celebrate God's great act of generosity and justice at Christmas, we can show our elected representatives that Australian Christians want our nation to demonstrate a commitment to generosity and justice by playing our part among the community of nations. We want to see Australia stepping up, not falling back, in the fight to build a brighter future for all.  

Take action to let your Federal politician know that you support Australian Aid.

After you've emailed your MP we've got some creative suggestions for how you can boost your impact by sending your MP a meaningful gift this Christmas.

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