Climate Training

Join us for 6 tailored webinars led by some of Australia's best Christian campaigners.

Learn everything you need to know to be a successful climate petition organiser and to deepen your understanding and strengthen your skills as an advocate. All webinars will take place at 8:30pm Eastern Time and will be recorded for later viewing and download.

  1. Monday 27 March: Vision & Purpose of the Community Climate Petition – view/download the webinar here
  2. Monday 24 April: Good Climate Conversations
  3. Monday 8 May: Creative Public Engagement
  4. Monday 29 May: Working the (Social & Local) Media
  5. Monday 19 June: Meeting an MP
  6. Monday 3 July: Coordinating a Handover Meeting
  7. Monday 24 July: Progress Update
  8. Monday 14 August: Learning and Celebrating

Who's volunteering

Jason John
Nadia Morcom
Christine Morris

Will you volunteer?

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