Meeting your politician

One of the most powerful ways you can speak up for the poor is to meet with your politician. Politicians regularly tell us that the two things that influence them the most are issues that arise in the media, and hearing from their constituents. We know that community campaigning makes a difference.

Parliament's winter recess (July – August) is a great time to make an appointment to meet with your MP. 

Click here if you want to find an address or you're not sure who your MP is.

Also, please let us know how your meeting went by filling in this online feedback form.

Here are some resources to help you in your visit

A guide to meeting with an MP

Micah Challenge's latest briefing sheet on tackling tax dodging and corruption.

For more about the Shine the Light campaign (on tax dodging and corruption) click here.

Watch the video below (also on our Justice Hub) about why visiting your politician is one of the most powerful things you can do to advocate for the world's poorest people - and why it is easier than you think.


If you want further advice or support for meeting your MP, please contact us.

Writing to your politician

A thoughtful handwritten letter (or typed and signed) to a politician still makes an impact. Politicians know that if one or more constitutents has taken the time to prepare, write and send a letter about an issue of concern, then it is something they should keep an eye on.

If you do write to your local MP, be sure to let us know about it by sending us a copy of your letter. That way we can track the various actions in each electorate. You can email it to [email protected] or you can give us feedback online.

Tweeting your politician

Many politicians are active on social media – particularly twitter and facebook. Visit the Parliament House website links to Senators' and Members' profiles to see if your politician has social media accounts.

If you hold a campaign event, or have an insight, story or piece of information that relates to any of Micah Challenge's campaigns, you can always post a link to it on facebook or tweet it to your politician. Mention us @micah_challenge in your tweet.