Dear Prime Minister, you missed a big opportunity.

Even after the biggest aid cuts in Australia's history (a total of $11.6 billion cut from the aid budget since the 2013 election), the Government's new Prime Minister has missed an opportunity to reverse the scheduled $200 million cuts to Australian aid which are due to be enacted in the May 2016 budget. This will take away vital resources from programs that help communities and countries overcome the barriers that entrench poverty.

Write to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, and your local MP, and call on them to start investing in a brighter future for Australians, for our region and for a world free from poverty.

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Every signature will be turned into a real, printed letter direct to the Prime Minister, letting him know that you’re for Australian aid.

When we invest in the future of our neighbours, in creating opportunities for children to learn, for women to thrive and for people to find work, we're investing in the building blocks of a brighter future for all. Through Australian aid we work alongside our neighbours to tackle preventable disease, to train teachers and to equip communities to be resilient in the face of disasters. 

Who doesn't want to see more of that? 

After you've taken action, consider hosting a 'Mailing Party'

We have thousands of letters submitted online that need to be stuffed into envelopes and sent off to our PM. Please let us know if you and your friends/church are interested in hosting a 'mailing party' and we will provide you with everything you need, including lollies! Just call us on (02) 8317 5080 or email [email protected] for more details.

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