After the biggest aid cuts in Australia’s history, the Government has scheduled a further cut in the upcoming Federal Budget which will take Australian aid to its lowest ever level.

It’s time to draw the line on further cuts to programs which are helping communities and countries overcome the barriers that entrench poverty.

Most Australians think that we invest a lot (around 16% of the Federal Budget) in aid to tackle poverty. The truth is we invest less than 1% of the Federal budget (around 22 cents in every $100 of our national income).


We're already falling fast behind other aid donor countries, and will now fall even further – becoming the least generous we’ve ever been.

Will you join us in calling on Julie Bishop to draw the line on any further cuts to Australian aid?

Last year, the Foreign Minister publicly indicated her discontent with the razor cuts made to her portfolio by the Expenditure Review Committee. We don’t believe she wants our aid to drop to its lowest ever level under her watch.  

Email the Foreign Minister today to urge her to #drawtheline on these scheduled cuts and draw a better line for our future aid budget.

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Email the Foreign Minister below and ask her to draw the line on further cuts to Australian aid.

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