Can you help us encourage your political representative the Treasurer Scott Morrison MP?

Recently Scott Morrison Treasurer and Member for Cook has spoken on tax avoidance and we’d like to tell them the importance of Australia’s role in overcoming poverty.

In Parliament Scott Morrison MP said:

Multinationals need to pay their fair share of tax in Australia. We all agree with that. That is an important principle. It is one that is being pursued through multilateral forums. For some years Australia has been in the vanguard of that approach.

You can read the whole speech here.

More than $1 trillion each year is robbed from developing countries through tax dodging, corruption and money-laundering. The IMF recent estimates found that $200 billion in potential revenue is stripped from developing nations and the world’s most needy by tax avoidance alone. We can help stem this tide and ensure that the poorest nations have the finances & tax revenues they need to fight poverty.

Whenever a politician engages with the issues we all care passionately about, it’s important to encourage, thank, or even challenge them. It doesn't mean we support that politician, or endorse everything they say. But if they don’t hear from passionate people in their electorate when they do speak up, it’s easy for them to give up, get cynical, or assume their electorate doesn’t care about tax avoidance and Australian aid.

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