Faith Resources

Micah challenge, motivated by the bible's call for justice and advocacy, believes that faith is a fundamental part of the work that we do and the foundation for our action. We want to encourage Christians to be praying and acting for the global cause of reducing poverty.

Pray for Change

As Christians, we believe that prayer is essential in bringing about change in the world. Read about why praying for issues like global poverty is important. You'll also find links to powerful prayers around the MDGs and other prayers for poverty.

Poverty: A problem for God?

Is poverty a problem for God (and therefore for God's people)? Should Christians bother trying to reduce/eradicate poverty? Why?

Explore these issues through a theological framework developed by Micah Challenge's Theology Working Group. We want to encourage Christians to know and understand God's heart and plans for his broken world and to engage in dialogue about these issues.

Bible Studies

A main part of our faith is exploring the bible to wrestle with issues of justice and advocacy as well as looking at bible characters and books. Use these bible study resources in small groups or for your own personal study.