Campaign Introduction

Hope For Creation is a movement of Australian Christians committing to prayer and action on climate change. 

Visit the campaign website to learn more about climate justice find resources on raising awareness, taking practical action and advocacy.

Loving God and loving our neighbours in the global village requires us to love and protect all that God has made. With our warming planet and disrupted climate negatively affecting creation and the lives of the world's poorest, we need to act.

As 21st century disciples of Christ we are called to live, love, work, pray and speak out in hope for creation.

Hope For Creation seeks to raise a Christian voice in support of ambitious action to tackle climate change. You'll find resources to help you "change the conversation" on climate change, such as bible studies and sermon outlines, downloadable videos, as well as free posters and bookmarks.


Hope for Creation is a shared campaign coordinated by the Micah Challenge coalition on behalf of its partner agencies and other organisations, including the Evangelical AllianceTEAR Australia and Uniting Church's Green Church Initative, to facilitate transforming witness of Christians acting in faith, hope and love for God's creation and our global neighbours.