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 Australia's aid budget slashed to lowest ever levels  | 13/05/2015

The Micah Challenge coalition strongly condemns the savage cuts to Australia’s aid program confirmed in last night’s budget. The Government is implementing the largest ever cuts to aid in Australia’s history – including a $1 billion cut from the aid budget immediately, and a total of $3.7 billion being stripped from aid over the next three years. These cuts will take Australia’s aid to the lowest ever levels in our nation’s history.

 Government makes Australia one of the world's least generous nations | 15/12/14

The Micah Challenge coalition strongly condemns the Government’s deep and unprecedented cuts to Australia’s aid program announced in today’s mid-year budget update by Treasurer Joe Hockey.

 G20 on the right track but more action needed to benefit the world’s poor | 18/11/2014

Micah Challenge Australia welcomes the G20’s ongoing work on addressing the problem of global tax dodging and corruption, yet acknowledges that the actions taken at the Brisbane Summit still fall short of the full transparency measures required to fully combat financial secrecy, and ensure developing countries benefit.

 Brisbane anti-poverty campaigners create world's largest mock tax haven prior to G20 | 9/11/2014

Today, approximately 100 advocates from churches across Brisbane dressed as corporate accountants transformed part of Brisbane’s CBD into a tax evader’s paradise of palm trees, mocktails, beach chairs and briefcases to shed light on the issue of multinational tax dodging.

 Brisbane Christians Prepare to Shine the Light on Tax Dodging Prior to G20 | 27/10/2014

With the eyes of the world on Brisbane when the world’s leaders arrive for the G20 Summit next month (14-16 Nov), local Christians are preparing to make the most of being in the spotlight

 Australia takes step to tackle multinational tax dodging | 10/09/2014

Micah Challenge welcomes Treasurer Joe Hockey’s announcement that Australia will, along with other countries, implement Automatic Exchange of Information on Tax Matters as part of the new global standard.

  Federal MPs Join Advocates in Shining the Light on Global Tax Dodging in Canberra | 24/06/2014

Parliamentarians have met face to face with over two hundred Christians from across the country this week to discuss Australia’s opportunity to lead action against corporate tax dodging which is draining vital revenue from developing nations.

 Broken promises and aid cuts in Abbott Government's first budget | 13/05/2014

Micah Challenge is deeply disappointed that the Coalition Government has chosen to balance its first budget on the backs of the poor by making further cuts to aid, delaying inflation increases and abandoning its commitment to the 0.5% GNI target.

 The Poorest People Will Pay for the Coalition's Aid Cuts | 20/01/2014

Micah Challenge says the Coalition’s plans to cut $625 million from this year’s overseas aid budget represent a devastating blow to the global poor and breach of trust with the Australian public.

 Global Poor Get Tony Abbott's Goat this Christmas | 4/12/13

Members of Seaforth Baptist Church in the Warringah electorate have today delivered over 75 handwritten Christmas cards to Tony Abbott, along with a gift of goats, chickens, seeds and education supplies bought on his behalf to fight poverty overseas.

 Australia must invest more in fight against AIDS, TB & Malaria | 29/11/13

At a time when the Australian Government is being criticised at home and internationally for cutting its foreign aid budget, the Micah Challenge coalition calls on the Government to make a substantial new investment in saving lives by contributing to the Global Fund's effective and accountable work to combat three deadly diseases - AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.

 Greet Your MP with a Goat this Christmas | 19/11/13

Individuals, churches, schools and community groups are encouraged to send a card to their MP this Christmas and use ‘the power of the pen’ to advocate for the world’s poor, in a joint campaign of the Micah Challenge and Make Poverty History coalitions.

 Brisbane Church Leaders Unite to Shine a Light on Corruption | 18/10/13

As part of the global Exposed campaign and coinciding with Anti-Poverty Week this week, Brisbane church leaders have joined Micah Challenge and Christians from around the world in prayer and action against corruption which keeps people in cycles of poverty.

 Cuts and Changes Undermine Aid Effectiveness | 19/09/2013

Micah Challenge is deeply concerned that the vast and sweeping changes being made to the Australian aid program could seriously undermine its effectiveness.

 Foreign Aid Budget Raid Represents Broken Promise to Global Poor | 05/092013

Micah Challenge says that today’s announcement that the Coalition plans to cut a further $4.5 billion from the aid budget represents a broken promise to the global poor.

Micah Challenge’s initial estimates suggest that Australia’s aid under the Coalition is now set to slide backwards from a projected 0.37% Gross National Income this year to 0.32% (GNI) over the next four years.

 Thousands of Advocates Send a Message to Tony Abbott | 31/08/2013

One week out from the federal election, thousands of people from churches, community groups and schools from across Tony Abbott's Warringah electorate, along with global poverty advocates from across the nation, have gathered on Manly Beach to form the giant words Halve Poverty (by) 2015. 

 Micah Challenge Calls for Action Over Disillusionment this Election | 15/08/2013

Micah Challenge is calling on Australians around the country to raise their voices to put global poverty on the agenda of all candidates in the lead up to the federal election.

 Hillsong Mobilises Thousands to Advocate for Justice | 5/07/2013

THousands of Christians at Hillsong Conference 2013 this week have added their voice to the growing Movement to End Poverty petition, calling on the Australian Government to fulfil its obligations to the global poor.

 Aid budget raided again to boost Government finances | 14/5/13

For the second year in a row, the Government has announced that it will delay its commitment to increase overseas aid to 0.5% of Gross National Income (GNI), pushing the target date back another year to 2017-18. The Micah Challenge coalition is deeply disappointed that, coupled with last year’s delay, $4.8 billion is being eliminated from planned aid expenditure over the period 2012 to 2016, as confirmed in tonight’s Federal Budget.

 Groundhog Day as Government Breaks Foreign Aid Promise | 14/5/13

The Government has announced yesterday it will delay its promise to increase aid levels to 0.5% of gross national income (GNI) until 2017-2018 and will divert a further $375 million from the aid budget to fund onshore asylum seeker programs.

 Government Urged to Keep Its Promise to the Poor this Budget | 9/5/13

The Micah Challenge coalition welcomes an unprecedented alliance of local and global voices, who have this week called on the Government to keep its promise to increase aid in the upcoming Federal Budget.

 Launch of the Movement to End Poverty | 14/3/13

In Canberra today up to 1000 young Australians gathered on the front lawns of Parliament House to launch the Movement to End Poverty, a joint campaign of the Micah Challenge and Make Poverty History coalitions that will run up until the Federal Election. 

 Aussie Christians mobilise to halve poverty by 2015 | 21/2/13

The Micah Challenge coalition launches its national Finish the Race campaign this month in the lead up to federal election recently set for September 14. 

 Government is poised to divert aid dollars away from world's poor | 18/12/12

Micah Challenge rejects the Government’s proposed plans to divert millions of dollars from its foreign aid programs to pay for asylum seeker processing.

 Toilets make a world of difference | 19/11/12

Lack of access to a safe, hygienic toilet is the leading cause of death for thousands of children around the world every single day. On World Toilet Day,19 November, the Micah Challenge coalition is encouraging ...

 Global effort to shine a light on corruption | 19/10/12

Governments, businesses and churches across the globe are being challenged to expose and tackle corruption which is identified as one of the major contributing factors in ensuring millions of people remain trapped in poverty.

 Politicians face up to halving global poverty by 2015 | 18/9/12

Hundreds of Christians from across the country joined politicians at Parliament House today as they added their photos to a giant “2015” puzzle – a symbol of Australia’s commitment to halve global poverty by 2015.

 Christian leaders unite in call for aid commitment | 21/6/12

Leaders of Australia’s Christian churches and NGOs have jointly called on the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader to remain committed to the world’s poor by lifting Australia’s aid contributions to 0.5% GNI with the earliest possible timetable and redoubling efforts to ensure aid effectiveness.

 Giant Toilet tour to give poverty the flush | 28/5/12

The launch of the ‘Toilet Tour’ in Tamworth last Saturday proved a giant success with over 100 people joining the queue of 2.5 billion people across the world that do not have access to basic sanitation.

 Government breaks promise to the world's poor | 9/5/12

Micah Challenge is deeply disappointed that the Labor Government has broken its promise to allocate 50 cents in every $100 of national income to overseas aid by 2015, in order to save $2.9 billion over the next four years.

 Aussie Christians raise their voices to prevent aid cuts | 2/5/12

Deeply concerned that the Federal Government is seriously considering breaking its promise to increase aid to 0.5% of Gross National Income by 2015, more than one thousand Micah Challenge supporters have raised their concerns with our nation’s leaders in the past month.