I was particularly inspired by the prayer below, which was read in an Easter Sunday service I attended. I love the idea of the Micah Australia community as an essential 'kin-dom of nuisances and nobodies' - working together to agitate for God's vision of a better world and an end to poverty.

“O Holy One,

This search for truth

And its infinitely receding horizon

Frustrates our need to nail it down.

Humour us, will you?

Freeze the horizon,

And fix the point that assures us

Of truth’s location.


Or convince us, once and for all,

That we wouldn’t know what to do with truth

If we held it in our hands,

And remind us that whenever we try to nail you down,

You always rise up

And go ahead of us –

Luring us toward the Mystery

Beyond our intellect.


Grant us the grace of Jeremiah and Jesus,

Who spoke not a word

Until you had reached out and touched their mouths

With heart wisdom

Capable of toppling empires

And raising up a kin-dom of “nuisances and nobodies”

Who concern themselves not with the truth

But with walking in the way:

Lightly upon Earth,

Humbly with all God’s creatures,

And grateful for your holy company.”


Prayer based on Jeremiah 1:4-10, John 18:33-38

By Bruce Sanguin in 'If Darwin Prayed: Prayers for Evolutionary Mystics', 2010, Evans and Sanguin Publishing

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