Community Climate Petition Volunteers

I want to help organise and gather signatures for Micah Australia's Community Climate Petition. I will be part of raising a powerful voice for climate justice that protects the most vulnerable communities and commits Australia to doing its fair share to tackle climate change.

Climate Petition process diagram

For the Community Climate Petition to be effective, we need at least 2 key volunteers in every one of Australia's 150 electorates. Read the descriptions below and register your interest in volunteering using the form. We'll get in touch with you in a few days to provide you with further information, resources and support.

1) Principal Petitioner:

  • Petitions to the House must have a ‘Principal Petitioner’ - someone who will be the contact person for any correspondence with the House of Representatives Petition Committee about the petition. Principal Petitioners provide their full name and contact details on the first page of the petition. These details are for the use of the Petition Committee only and will not be made public.
  • Principal Petitioners receive the other petition signatures gathered across the electorate.
  • Principal Petitioners coordinate the handover of the petition to your electorate’s MP. This could be a simple handover meeting or a larger public handover event. There is more detail about these handover events in the Community Climate Petition Guide.
  • Principal petitioners also act as Petition Organisers to gather signatures and promote the petition.

2) Petition Organiser:

  • Petition Organisers gather signatures from their groups and networks (and possibly the wider community).
  • Petition Organisers promote the petition through their networks and through social and local media.
  • Petition Organisers return all completed petition forms to Micah Australia by 30 June 2017 so that these can be collated for presentation to the MP
  • Petition Organisers may join the meeting or event (and bring others to that event) in order to hand over the petition to the Member of Parliament. 

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