Politician Speeches

Since our Voices for Justice lobbying event at Parliament House (21-24 June), the following MPs and Senators spoken in and outside of Parliament on the issue of multinational tax dodging.

Speeches Inside Parliament

Sharon Bird, Member for Cunningham | 23/06/2014  

Jim Chalmers, Member for Rankin | 23/06/2014

Alan Griffin, Member for Bruce | 23/06/2014

Kelvin Thomson, Member for Wills | 24/06/2014

Senator Nick Xenophon, South Australia | 24/06/2014 

Senator Peter Whish-Wilson (Tasmania) addresses Finance Minister Mathias Cormann in Question Time | 24/06/2014 and Senator Peter Whish-Wilson's response.

Claire O'Neil, Member for Hotham | 25/06/2014

Jill Hall, Member of Shortland | 25/06/2014

Senator Anne Urquhart, Tasmania | 15/07/2014

Andrew Giles, Member for Scullin | 16/07/2014

Luke Howarth, Member for Petrie | 25/09/2014

Speeches Outside Parliament

Shadow Assistant Treasurer, Andrew Leigh MP | 24/06/2014 - 'Tax and Fairness' Speech at CEDA Conference

Senator Sue Boyce, Queensland included this article in her e-newsletter | 26/06/2014

Please email [email protected] if you hear your MP or Senator mentioning Micah Challenge in any communication inside or outside Parliament.