Poverty a problem for God?

Almost all Christians would agree that we should respond to poverty - we have an innate sense that it is part of the calling of God's people.

However, not many Christians are well thought out as to the theological reasons underlying that position. Often it seems like the only motivations are proof texts and vague allusions to poverty and justice having something to do with God's Heart - so in 2011, the Micah Challenge Theology Working Group explored these foundational questions:

  • Is poverty a problem for God (and therefore for God's people)?
  • Should Christians bother trying to reduce/eradicate poverty? Why?

We are seeking to answer these questions by using the following framework, developed by Andrew Cameron, one of the members of the Theology Working Group.

Click here to download the Poverty: A problem for God? Powerpoint Presentation (PPTX)   

Click here to download the full Poverty: A problem for God? (PDF)

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Below is an outline of the theological framework.