Pray with us

In all our activity, in all our work for change, we are committed to one action that comes before, follows after, and runs as a thread through, all that we do - the ACT of PRAYER.

Join us in eight days of focused prayer from Sunday 7 April - Sunday 14 April as we launch the 'action phase' of our 2013 Finish the Race campaign. This time of deliberate prayer is for individuals and churches, and can also happen any time in your calendar.

Prayer is action! And it is the most important and powerful action we perform in our fight against poverty and injustice. As a year of busy campaigning for and with the poor kicks off, we invite you to pray with us - in a focused way during the second week of April and then in an ongoing way as the year progresses.

On the following pages you will find a guide for each of the 8 days of prayer. Each day there is a lead-in prayer to get you started. This prayer will lead you into an act of prayer - mourning, thanksgiving, listening or repentance. This is followed by information on one of the 8 MDGs plus specific prayer points for that MDG and the people who suffer because we have not yet reached that goal.

Thanks for praying. Our leaders need to hear our voice; We need to hear God's.

You can also download a PDF version of the Pray Act here, for the convenience of offline access.

Sunday - MDG 1

Monday - MDG 2

Tuesday - MDG 3

Wednesday - MDG 4

Thursday - MDG 5

Friday - MDG 6

Saturday - MDG 7

Sunday - MDG 8