Pray on Saturday, 13 April 2013 

Prayer for Reflection: Prayer for Creation from Micah Network Creator

God, We thank you for the beauty of your Creation,
and for giving us the privilege of caring for it.
We confess that we have not cared for the earth with the
self-sacrificing and nurturing love that you require of us.
We mourn the broken relationships in creation.
We repent for our part in causing the current
environmental crisis that has led to climate change.
Faithful God, sustainer of all - we pray with hope,
because you are already at work through Christ to
reconcile all of creation to Yourself and to renew all things.
Loving God, help us to turn our lives around to be people of restoration.
Help us build just relationships among human beings
and with the rest of creation.
Help us to live sustainably, rejecting consumerism
and the exploitation of creation.
God of justice, give us courage and persistence to
work for justice for those most affected by environmental
degradation and climate change.
God of mercy, hear the cry of the poor who are already suffering
and will continue to suffer water and food shortages
and who will be displaced by climate change.
Creator God, give us your Spirit to work together to restore your creation
and to hand on a safe environment and climate to our children and theirs.
Let our care for creation be our act of worship and obedience to you.
Your kingdom come, and your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Environmental issues have the potential to undermine all other development efforts if not properly addressed. Goal 7 sets out to integrate sustainable development practices into national policies and programmes to reverse the loss of environmental resources. It also includes the aim of halving the proportion of people without sustainable access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation. An astounding 2.6 billion people are living without access to adequate sanitation and many without safe drinking water too. There needs to be continued and targeted approaches to provide safe water supplies to all communities, especially in rural areas. Often, initiatives in these areas do not reach the poorest of the poor. There are continuing environmental problems such as deforestation, exploitation of resources, and lack of preparedness for natural hazards and disasters. Often the world's largest consumers exploit the environment with little or no concern for the effect that their actions might have on the poor, who have a much higher dependence on their immediate environment.

Pray with us:

  • Pray that environmental initiatives will help to reduce loss of biodiversity and ensure programmes are in place to effectively cope with natural disasters and erratic climate and weather, particularly for the most vulnerable.
  • Pray for the one billion people that live in slums around the world. Pray for increased access to basic services and clean drinking water and that their governments will have the capacity to deliver services.
  • Give thanks for increased awareness and dialogue over issues of climate change and environment sustainability. Pray for a more comprehensive international effort to address these concerns.
  • Pray that God would challenge us to practise justice in the way we use and distribute the resources entrusted to us by God.

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