Prayer for Justice

"God of the just weight and the fair measure,let me remember the hands that harvested my food, my drink, not only in my prayers but in the market place. Let me not seek a bargain that leaves another hungry."

(Source: Janet Morley, Christian Aid; pp149 Harvest for the World compiled by Geoffrey Duncan © Canterbury Press 2002, 2004).

"On those bowed down by poverty: Lord have mercy
On those who struggle to survive: Lord have mercy
On parents who have lost children to disease: Lord have mercy
On children who miss school because of unpayable debt: Lord have mercy
On young people growing up with no hope for the future: Lord have mercy
On adults who work and cannot make a living: Lord have mercy
On farmers who cannot sell what they produce: Lord have mercy
On people working to rebuild their lives after the tsunami: Lord have mercy
For campaigners fighting for justice: Make their voices heard
For citizens standing up for their rights: Make their voices heard
For postcard-signers, email-senders and white-band-wearers: Make their voices heard
For politicians and decision-makers: Give them wisdom, Lord
For the G8 leaders as they prepare to meet: Give them wisdom, Lord
For the leaders of Africa: Give them wisdom, Lord
For ourselves, as we struggle with these issues: Make us the means of change
For your world: Help us make poverty history"

(Source: Anglican Diocese of Portsmouth. Click here for more information.)